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Teeth Straightening

teeth straightening

At the practice we provide teeth straightening using the Inman Aligner and SmileLign system. This is a gentle, minimally invasive and simple method of straightening the teeth. Most patients will find that their concerns can be addressed through this.

What does it involve?
The treatment consists of using 'invisible' clear aligner trays over your teeth. This creates gentle pressure on the teeth which causes them to move into the correct position.

Does this mean having dreaded train track braces?
The horrible image of train track braces with a mouth full of metal is completely avoided due to the use of clear 'invisible' aligners. At first, you may be very aware of the aligners in your mouth, but you may be very surprised how few people will actually notice them in our experience!

How long does it take?
Treatment usually takes somewhere between 3-12 months as a guide. The more complex things are, the longer they can take to treat.

Is it the same as normal orthodontics?
It is very similar to normal orthodontics. The biggest difference is cosmetic orthodontics looks at the improvement of the front six teeth rather than the entire mouth. The other major difference is that cosmetic orthodontics may alter how you bite together at the front of your mouth but this is case dependent.

How can I find out if I am suitable?
We offer a free consultation for the assessment for this procedure.

Teeth straightening from £1850.00

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